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Project type: Ambassador's choice, any size, any fabric... BOOM!!! Can you guess what I chose?!

"The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik"

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I know... You did read it right! And what I can say?!

"Thank you Island Batik team! I was waiting my entire life for this moment!!!"

In all these 10 years of quilting there is ONE quilt, that I always wanted to make but never found the perfect finishing solutions to make it. Most of the tutorials are with some raw edge blocks (not my favorite), others with a not so nice finishing on the backside... and the list goes on and on. But, my friends... a couple weeks ago I found the most perfect tutorial for a "Puff Quilt", and it is SO perfect that it is actually for an "Ombre Puff Quilt"! I'm talking about Brittany's @loandbeholdstichery amazing video tutorial, and you can also check everything about it on the link below:

For this project I will not provide any fabric requirements because the idea is that you visit the link, it is a generous free video tutorial and if you decided to make your version of the #ombrepuffquilt please don't forget to give credit to Brittany!

Now time for a confession :) for months until now I was hoarding all the purples, pinks and blues Island Batik from my Ambassador's stash and I couldn't resist to use ALL them for this project!

From the most recent to the older collection, the first image is Bloomers Collection designed by Kathy Engle for 2019 fall, the middle is Black Pearl Collection also designed by Kathy Engle for Summer 2019 and featured here on my Up.Side.Down blog post, the last image is Crystal Ball Collection designed by Kathy Engle and also featured here on my Vintage Reimagined post from last year.

I would like to take some time to talk about these three collections. They are different, not a "sequel" from each other, but the shades work perfectly together, this is because Island Batik is the most perfect fabric to have in your stash ;). Did you also notice how the precuts are organized? In all the stacks the fabrics are carefully organized in an ombre effect, is this not awesome? So, if you are working in an ombre project, or looking for some natural color gradation Island Batik has also the perfect collections!

First step is to cut the squares and sew the puffs together. That's when the fun starts, organize the ombre layout and you will need some good space for this task!

Once you are pleased with the layout result don't forget to take a picture with your phone, the image can be very helpful to piece the puffs following the right order ;)

To sew the squares together I used Aurifil 50 wt color 2024, because any of the puff's seams will appear after you piece it together.

I used Schmetz Microtex (Sharp) Needles size 80/12 to sew and piece the puffs row by row together. If you follow the same order in the tutorial you will not have any space problem to piece the top quilt together.

Be aware that your puff quilt will look irresistible even before it's ready...

Garfield, the quilt inspector!

One of my favorite things of this tutorial is adding batting and back fabric besides just filling the puffs and piecing them together. I used Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend Batting and Island Batik solid in grey for back fabric.

One of my favorite parts of quilting is to coordinate the thread weights and colors with my project. For hand quilting I decided to use Aurifil 12 wt cotton in colors 2520, 2535, 2725, 2780, 2805 and also variegated color 4667. Because I used the neutral grey fabric for the back I decided to recreate the same ombre pattern with the thread color's gradation on the back of the quilt.

Usually I'm not a "chain piecing happy quilter" because I get bored very quickly, but this quilt was one of the most fun quilts I ever made.

So here we go...

My Island Batik version of the "Ombre Puff Quilt" from Brittany (@loandbeholdstitchery), 60" x 60" size

See you in July ;)

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