March, we were made for this!

"Quilters: do not fear self quarantine, this is what we have been training for."

"The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik"

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What a difference a month can make in life? In times like this, it is inevitable not to talk about it. So before I start, I hope this finds you well! I also hope you are managing your time at home and don't forget, we are all together in this.

From all the messages and thoughts that I read, one that I received even before this pandemic started, during the week of my 40th birthday, really got my attention:

And this is the message I would like to leave with you, we are waves and our actions impact the entire ocean. So whatever you chose to do today, do it with this in mind, do it with responsibility.

Many things have been cancelled lately but NOT the Island Batik Ambassador's challenge! We're still here bringing monthly beautiful projects featuring the amazing Island Batik colors and also highlighting the industry partners from this program!

This month "One Die Wonder with Accuquilt" we will be working with GO! dies. I was very impressed with the "BOB" collection of dies because with block on board die, you can cut an entire block at once and still have the option of layering different colors of fabric to make multiple block designs. You can save even more time cutting your blocks and also keep the layout even more organized!

Accuquilt team sent me the GO! Glorified Nine Patch- 9" Finished Die. Believe me, it IS a must have! The shapes sew so perfectly together, it is an amazing solution to cut curved shapes!

For this project I decided to mix some of the Island Batik Stash Builders rolls with Island Batik Foundation Blackberry yardage! They are perfect for some "scrappy look" and since I can layer different colors on the same die and cut it all at once... why NOT?! "Batik PARTY" alert!!! Working with the dies is usually super fun, but now it is like "the sky is the limit", you just need to be careful to not cut more fabric than you actually need ;)

This was so sewing organized that you can even chain piece everything and get perfect results at the end! (see second image below)

The challenge requirement's was a 45" x 60" or larger quilt. I decided to design the base layout of the blocks on EQ8, with 18 glorified nine patch blocks plus borders.

"Minerva", finished size 50" x 64"

Besides Aurifil 50wt color 2510 for piecing the blocks and quilting the quilt, I also decided to add some couching embellishment with Valdani Silk Variegated Thread and of course, my assistant's supervision!

I also did a very quick video with a free motion quilting leaves design motive suggestion to quilt on the curved shapes. It's a very simple design, you don't need to mark the top quilt because you can use the registration marks from the blocks and don't forget to let me know if you try it! It always brings me a lot of joy to see your work!

And now finally the "Minerva" quilt!

"Minerva" quilt featuring Island Batik, finished size 50" x 64"

See you next month ;)

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