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This month the Island Batik Ambassador's challenge is also with Accuquilt and the amazing GO! Cutters, are you ready?

"The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik and Accuquilt"

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At the beginning of the year, each ambassador received one Accuquilt GO! Cutter plus the GO! Qube 8" dies kit (thank you so much again!), and this month is the time to use it! The challenge is to mix and match blocks to make a baby quilt. So here we go!

After some playing time with the EQ8, my quilt was 44" finished size and looking pretty much like this: (at the end I changed my mind for white fabric binding)

"Rise and Shine" by Carolina Asmussen

"Rise and Shine" is a quilt with 25 blocks (8" each) plus 2 1/2" borders.

You can check the fabric requirements at the image on the side!

Now the individual blocks' explanation and respective dies numbers:

You will need 5 "Pinwheel" blocks

For the center of the block, you will need the die #5, and 2 different colors of fabric. In my case I was using Island Batik Basic solid white and Stash Builder rolls, because they are absolutely perfect for this size of project and also for the die's size.

For the purple pieces around the center, you will need the die #4.

And for the corners of the block I used a combination of two dies die #2 for cut 2 1/2" squares (white fabric) and than die #3 for the green triangles, follow the diagram to sew the corners together.

You will need 12 "Arrow" blocks

For the "Arrow" block, you will use dies #4 and #5.

For cut 2 1/2" stripes, my favorite cutter, because is the one that I use more and is really a life time saver! You know, less time cutting means more time quilting ;)

You will need 8 "Star" blocks

You will need 8 "Star" blocks, I did 4 blocks in purple and 4 blocks in yellow.

For this block you will use the die #1 for the center, than dies #2, #4 and #5 as showed at the diagram.

After piecing all the blocks, you can sew them together row by row, following the image from the beginning of this post.

I also added matching green triangles (die #4) to the borders, making the "Pinwheel" blocks part of the borders.

For quilting, I did straight lines 1" away from each other. In this case less was more! I was using Aurifil Thread, the Forty 3 (40wt/3ply) for top quilting and 40wt (the green spool) in the bobbin color 2024. I was also using Hobbs Heirloom Batting 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

And now you can see the images of my finished quilt! I don't have a baby anymore (my "baby" is 7 yrs old now) so because it's April and we are so close to Easter I decided to do a bunny to decorate my quilt for the pictures, it's a Tilda free pattern and you can find the link here.

Happy Easter and see you in May ;)

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