Sewing Panic (Whaaaaaat?!)

Do you have a sewing situation that scares you?

sewing needle point canvas

When I think about scary sewing situations, those "no, no, NO" that some of us have, my list has two topics: attaching buttons with the sewing machine and sewing embroidery/needle point canvas with the sewing machine.

About attaching buttons with the sewing machine (a topic for a future post, maybe), makes me feel like letting my car self-park totally by itself on the parking spot... like... I have trust issues, I don't want to be inside the car during the operation, probably I don't even want to be OUT of the car just watching the operation!

And about my second fear, everything started when I was browsing my IG feed, looking for something else and than saw a wonderful work in progress picture of a needle point London pillow. I was crazy about it! Before I started to quilt, I was always making tapestry, crochet, knitting, embroidery and... I still like to intercalate my quilting projects with some other crafty projects.

All about Hannah Bass Needlepoint kits are amazing, the vibrant perfect colors, quality of material, and in that occasion was shipping free! Shipping free from my Old Continent (I mean Europe) to ME! Guys... it was a sign (it's the way I explained it to my husband)

My choice was pretty obvious, the New York City map in blue. And was all a great fun for me and my New York pillow project, it was my "on the go" project during the summer, everybody was following the progress, everybody curious if I was already on Central Park!

But all the time, inside my head was the question "how I'll make this needle point canvas evolve to a pillow using my sewing machine?"

First I get the fabric for the back of the pillow. The size of the needlepoint work was a 16" square, and my idea was keep things very simple, so no zippers or buttons involved just a simple envelope back. To guide my process I found this amazing Latch Hook Cushion/Pillow Tutorial on youtube from Utterly Hooked Designs.

And voilà, my NY pillow was ready to decorate our very american family room ;)

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