The Quilted Bomber Jacket

Oops... I did it Again!

"The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik"

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I don't know how many of you remember my reaction when I saw the 2 yards of Rosey Posey Rayon plus the Hobbs Batting Thermore as part of my Island Batik Ambassador's first box... I can tell you now, it was challenging! Because I don't sew clothes, garments, you know... I quilt quilts!

This episode took me to another one from my past. Every time I used to visit my great grand mother, she had a tiny little gift for me. Long story short, the last time I visited her, the only thing she had to gift to me was an acrylic's spirograph set. The "grownups" in the room were surprised because it wasn't a tool for a child of that age. My great grand mother noticed the surprised looks and just said "She will figure it out soon".

Well... I have some special skills, some that I developed because of the different places around the world that I have been, others just came with me, but one of the most important one, in my opinion, I usually "figure things out". So, "garment's challenge"... ACCEPTED :)

And if you are interested on how this sewing garments thing started, visit my June's post "Gandalf's Quilted Coat".

As I mentioned before, I am a quilter, so to me is much easier to "figure out" garments pattern if it is quilted. The Simplicity Pattern 8418 was perfect for my project, it is not a "quilted" pattern but had all the potential to be! And I could prepare and quilt the Rayon with the Thermore Batting direct on my longarm and without a backing fabric, because the jacket has lining.

From the picture you can also notice the fabric selection for "The Quilted Bomber Jacket Second Edition"!

I really enjoyed the opportunity to "prepare" the outside of the fabric with quilting on my longarm. I decided to use contrasting purple thread and I also wanted highlight the quilting with the thread weight. I used Aurifil 40wt/3ply (Forty3) as top thread and 50wt coordinating color in the bobbin. Because the fabric has their own design I choose a neutral pantograph as quilting motive.

For the lining fabric I used Island Batik Foundations Marble Purple that I ordered online from Hancock's of Paducah and the knit fabric I also ordered online, but from Mood Fabrics.

Me, almost finishing!!!

And believe it or not, after 2 days "The Quilted Bomber Jacket" was done! Perfect size, ready to wear... well almost ready to wear, since to photograph the fall/winter collection during summer is not an easy task!!!

Happy quilting and see you next month ;)


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