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When is time do add more quilting to your quilt?

What difference a year can make in life!

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About a year ago, I had a bad work experience and to keep my creative flow protected I closed myself to external influence. It is not something so difficult for a "rebel soul" like me, but I recognize how much can be lost when you decide to close doors and windows specially when you also have people who are really there for you, cheering or just trying to show a better way to keep on going.

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a group of really amazing people, really amazing women that are not just talking about supporting other women but they are actually promoting them and their work, pushing them forward. I realized how everything can be easier when you work with good people, the importance of sharing, listening and cheering.

So, almost after a year my quilt "Water Mirror" came back home from the International Quilt Festival in Houston and Chicago and today I decided it's time do add more quilt on it, before send it to another contest. It will be the first time coming back to a "finished work", but I don't see in this way, I see like giving this quilt and to myself a chance to be the most amazing we can be. It's not me "redoing" something, it's me finishing something properly and turning the page with something better.

Open your ears, open your eyes and don't avoid changes...